Excellent tour. They spent three hours with us instead of designated two hours, to ensure that we cover as much information as possible. Really great experience.   We fully enjoyed this informative tour and Metro NYC Tours’ engaging style.

We offer the most comprehensive NYC gangster tour. From the rise and fall of the mob.  At the end of the tour you will be a WISEGUY.

NYC Gangster and Mob Tour of Little Italy, Chinatown and Five Points

Visit places ruled by some of the most powerful gangs. Little Italy – where The Mafia or La Cosa Nostra wreaked havoc and mob members were gunned down in the streets. Learn of the demise of the last don – John Gotti.

Chinatown – was home to the Tong gangs, where the infamous two Tongs would rage war on each other. The battles were so violent the streets became known as “Bloody Angle”. Explore the underground tunnels and hear stories of their wars.

The Five Points – The Gangs of NY – As the Irish escaped the potato famine in Ireland they landed in NY in the most poverty stricken slum in NYC. See where the five points converged and gang extortion, houses of ill-repute and crime flourished.

Price $28.00 per person


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East Village Gangster Crime Tour

Come see and walk the notorious streets of the East Village and Lower east Side. The area that was known as wicked New York. On this 2.5 hour walking tour we will explore places that were home to crime, prostitution, murders,grave robberies and more. Hear the stories of this once densely populated area where Jewish and Italian gangsters  met.  See where they lived, ate, drank, committed crime or got whacked. We will explore the cemetery which is the site of one of the most sensational and ghoulish crimes ever committed.  Visit Tompkins Square park where a tragic boat fire changed the face of this neighborhood.

Price $28.00 per person


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The Rise and Fall of the NY Mafia Tour Dinner Combo

The Rise and Fall of the NY Mafia
Combo Tour and  Dinner in Little Italy
3.5 hours

Join us on a 2 hour walking tour  and learn about the beginnings of organized crime in America. Hear about the Black Hand or La Mano Nera extorting money from the new Italian immigrants and terror  they caused in this very neighborhood. Learn about the first Italian Police Officer that helped bring them down. See where during prohibition a war between bootleggers broke out and people were killed just like in the wild west.   Learn about the original “Godfather” and his demise that led to the beginning of the modern day mob. Visit what were social clubs and speakeasies that were run by the Wiseguys. Walk the streets where famous mob movies and TV shows were filmed. How did such a powerful organized crime syndicate disintegrate? Join us and you will find out.

After the tour we will eat in a famous restaurant in Little Italy that was one of the favorites of the mob on Mulberry St. Sit and enjoy a meal where once the Wiseguys ate and drank. You will enjoy a glass of wine and some good Italian food. On the menu is a 2 course meal with something for everyone. An appetizer of mixed green salad and a choice from 6 entrees, a glass of wine or soda. *

*price of combo tour and meal is all inclusive – includes tax and gratuities. 1 drink per person additional drinks available at additional charge. You may order anything from the regular menu but the cost is not included in price.

Price $65.00 per person


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Come discover a Queens neighborhood known as Woodhaven. We walk under the elevated train on Jamaica Ave. a commercial thoroughfare where the Trump family started their fortune and Fred Trump had his first job. See the site of what was Dexter Park where some famous baseball legends played Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, were just a few of the many stars that appeared there, along with the Negro League greats including Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige.

We will visit some of the old bars where some gangsters got killed and some movies were filmed. See where the charred remains of a young college student that was kidnapped were found in an abandoned house. We end in Neir’s Tavern, the oldest continuously operating tavern in NYC was built in 1829 across from where Union Course Horse Racing Track was. We will eat lunch at Neir’s Tavern where the movie Goodfellas was filmed and the original queen of sex, Mae West, first performed. Come experience the gangsters, crime and Hollywood on this 3 hour tour.

We will eat lunch at NYC’S oldest running Tavern. You will have chips and salsa on the table to nibble. A choice of entree from a prix fixe menu for lunch with either 1 glass of beer or soda. You may choose from anything else on the regular menu at additional fee.

Edward Wendell from Woodhaven historical society interviewing our very own Robin London.

Tour Price $45.00 per person

Price of combo tour and meal is all inclusive – includes tax and gratuities.


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East Side- West Side- All Around the town

Experience the suspense and thrill of all things gang and mob related on a private fun informative gangster mob tour in a chauffeured deluxe vehicles with a professional NYC tour guide. We will stop at several places around the city as you hear about the beginnings and demise of the “men of honor” of the “Costra Nostra”. We will take you on an exciting adventure where the infamous “Goodfellas” hung out, got whacked, got made, lived and caused havoc in the streets of this great city. Visit famous places where classic movies got shot – not that kind of bang!

This tour can be customized to fit your requests. The vehicle provided depends on the size of your group.

Call, email or contact us on the contact page for more information and to arrange this tour.

Click on book now button to contact us


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Jewish Gangster – From Mensch to Mobster Presentation

With extensive research on Jewish Gangsters and the history of what was a Mensch (a person with integrity and honor) from a good Jewish home turn to a life of crime a powerful presentation has been created. During the course of guiding Gangster tours and Jewish Lower East Side tours Robin learned that many people share this same curiosity. Based on this she has created a Power Point presentation “From Mensch To Mobster” a look into the Jewish Gangster.
This presentation is being offered to organizations, temples, libraries, schools and other institutions or individuals. When attending one of her lectures one gains the insight into the underworld and culture that helped create the Jewish Mobster. Stories are shared of how Arnold Rothstien, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Monk Eastman and others climbed the ladder from impoverished slum neighborhoods to the glamour of Las Vegas.

This speaking engagement is also available in conjunction with a Jewish Lower East Side walking tour.

From Mensch To Mobster Presentation 1

From Mensch To Mobster Presentation

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