Robin London is a New York City native, tour guide and history buff, specializing in the city’s dark past. She is the founder of Metro New York City Tours and NYC Gangster Mob Tours. The company hosts a range of walking tours, including the popular NYC mob tours. Growing up in Brooklyn (3rd generation) she knew some wiseguys, “made men” and ate in some of their homes. She shared classroom space with some of the kids of these wiseguys in school.

When doing research of the city she discovered the history of the mob. She was intrigued by the power that gangsters held in helping form the city and country. She wanted to learn all she could about the mafia. She spoke to many people from the old neighborhoods and learned some things no one knew. This was her opportunity to share with mob and gangster fans the real stuff and walk the streets they ruled and used as their playground.

For Robin every walk is a new production and the streets of New York are her stage. Not only is she passionate about the neighborhoods, but she played in many of these streets as a child and has memories to share. She loves New York’s cultural neighborhoods for the people and the food, and of course the shopping. A walk with Robin means plenty of stories, lots of facts and quite a few stops to shop and nosh along the way.

She loves meeting people from all over the world and sharing her passion of New York City. Let her share with you personal experiences, extensive knowledge and anecdotes of life in the Big Apple and you’ll hear it all in her native ‘New Yawk’ accent!