Experience the suspense and thrill of all things gang and mob related on a private fun informative gangster mob tour in a chauffeured deluxe vehicles with a professional NYC tour guide. We will stop at several places around the city as you hear about the beginnings and demise of the “men of honor” of the “Costra Nostra”. We will take you on an exciting adventure where the infamous “Goodfellas” hung out, got whacked, got made, lived and caused havoc in the streets of this great city. Visit famous places where classic movies got shot – not that kind of bang!

This tour can be customized to fit your requests. The vehicle provided depends on the size of your group.

All vehicle tours include luxury vehicle, professional driver and NYC licensed guide who specializes in the subject

We will pick you up at your hotel. We do get out of the vehicle and walk some streets for picture moments and maybe to taste some food and drinks.

Here below are some of our vehicle tours:

4 hour private luxury vehicle tour around Manhattan – The rise and fall of the NY mafia tour. We cover Sparks, Little Italy, Luciano’s home, Columbus Circle, Park Central Hotel, movie sites from The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Boardwalk Empire, Gottis social club and some famous hit sites and more. We can stop for cannoli’s in Little Italy like the saying goes ”leave the guns take the cannoli”.

*3 – 3.5 hour private luxury vehicle tour of Staten Island Godfather Gangster Tour – Visit some of the iconic mob homes and neighborhoods where they still live. See Castellanos “White House”, Sammy “the bull” Gravanos home, See where famous movie scenes from the “Godfather” were filmed. Stop for some local mob culture in what were “connected” places.

*You will need to take the Staten Island Ferry which is free to Staten Island to meet your guide and vehicle.

6 hour luxury vehicle tour around Manhattan and Queens– All that is offered in the 4 hour Manhattan tour. In Queens we visit St. Johns Cemetery where many mobsters are buried including Charlie Luciano, Genovese, Gambino, Gotti and more. Drive past Gotti’s home and social club. We also visit Neirs Tavern the oldest Tavern in NYC. This is where scenes from the “Goodfellas” was filmed. Here you will eat lunch and have some drinks (not included in price of tour).

Food, drinks, gratuities and any other items you purchase are not included in price of tour. Please take into consideration weather and traffic conditions.

Call, email or contact us on the contact page for more information and to arrange this tour.

Please contact us for pricing and to arrange date and time.